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Looking to buy laser tag equipment for your indoor, outdoor, or mobile business? We can help you! is quickly becoming the premier place to purchase tactical laser tag equipment. We understand that this is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly so we created this website to help.

The outdoor laser tag industry is still in its early stages which creates limited choices for buying equipment. This can make the process of purchasing equipment a bit more difficult because there is not a lot of information available. What makes matters worse is that most people will end up paying more for their equipment because they were not aware of all their options.

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To be successful in the laser tag industry it is important that the equipment you buy is reliable, durable, and affordable. Customer support is also a factor to consider which is something this growing market really lacks.  Access to the manufacturer of your equipment is a must for your business since they will be the main provider of support. There is nothing more frustrating then having issues with your equipment and it taking forever to get support.

I’m here to help you make the right choice for your business!  I have developed my very own laser tag unit called the Battle Rifle Pro which can be found on This is the most fully featured laser tag unit you can buy at less then half the cost of other equipment.

If you want to buy laser tag equipment click here: outdoor laser tag equipment .


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